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Early deer season is here!

Trucked Packed for Early Deer Hunting Season

OK – so here is the deal. It’s the 14th of September deer season has been in for a month in the low country of South Carolina! The temps have been in the 90’s, deer are moving later in the evening this time of year and it just has not felt like deer season yet, until this week! It is on this weekend…I have not been able to hunt as much as I would like as life has its way of getting in the way of hunting sometimes. That being said, the truck is packed and I am wrapping up a few of my day job duties and prepping for the trip to deer camp. Bow is packed, clothes are washed and scent free, and I am really looking forward to this weekend away in the woods. This is the time of year you hope all the preparations and practice lead you to that trophy deer.

Eddy on the Tractor prepping feed lots

Deer stands are hung, plots are planted, trees have been trimmed, the bow is dialed in and adjustments are made from last year. My buddy Eddy and I have locked into a few nice spots – which we think will produce the success we are looking for. Some of which are traditional agriculture fields and some nice typical low country creek bottom sets. We have trail cam pictures of some nice deer that we hope will give us a shot this weekend or at any point this season actually. Traditionally these have been later season locations but its time to get in the woods in hopes that we will get some early deer movement as the deer pass from feed to bedding areas.

Eddy surveying the food plot for deer hunting

So the plan is set our main goal this year is to get our first harvest on film – we have had some awesome encounters over the years and one I hate to admit a miss. But, if you hunt long enough it is bound to happen, you have to stay true to your plans and keep persistent in your efforts!

Deer cam picture at night

This year we added some new sets, and locations that we feel will give us this opportunity to get our first harvest on film. As you can tell I am fired up and ready to hit the road, so stay tuned and hopefully we will have some cool photos and videos up soon.