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Texas Hill Country – Turkey Hunting at its Finest!

Texas Hill Country Sunset Turkey Hunting

As you can tell by the title I am a fan of the Texas Hill Country. This is hands down my favorite spot to hunt wild turkeys, specifically Rio Grande Turkeys. Not only is the hunting fantastic and the birds are a blast to hunt but also the scenery is amazing!

I travel with a group of about 6 including my buddy Matt who first invited me on the trip. The group is diverse, all backgrounds, all from different parts of the country. However, we have a common trait, we all love to turkey hunt! We hunt with an outfitter out of Coleman, Texas, Mike Wyatt who runs an amazing operation called First Shot Outfitters. If you are ever looking for a great place to go hunt quail, turkey, hogs, doves, or deer in Texas, he is your guy. Not to mention the food is top-notch home cooked and the accommodations are clean and comfortable!

Gary Pierce Turkey Hunt Prize

The hunting is amazing – it can be tough at times especially if you have ever spent any time hunting turkeys, you know what I mean. Its possible to spend the whole day running and gunning chasing that elusive gobbler! But, it can all fall into place with a couple of calls. I have had the opportunity to harvest a couple of birds on my trips. The birds are awesome, especially off the roost – gobbling back and forth to us and to their flock of hens in the morning down a river bottom is about as good as it gets for me! I must also throw up some warning flags before you go trampling through the Hill Country – they have things that bite, scratch and poke you. So, word to the wise, wear the right gear, snake boots/gaiters are not optional. I almost landed right on top of nice rattlesnake on my last trip so always be aware of where you are walking at all times. The cactus and mesquite will eat you up as well – big ol needles can make for sore hands!

Texas Rattle Snake while Turkey Hunting

The landscape was one of the most surprising aspects to me on the trips we have taken to the Texas Hill Country. As you can tell by the photos, this is an awesome place of lush green grass, yellow wild flowers, mesquite flats, and of course the traditional cactus with its beautiful yellow roses! I did not expect this frankly, having family in the Dallas area not quite the same scenery. The Hill Country to me is such a throw back to what you would have imagined that area of Texas was 100 years ago, untouched and unblemished. The people in this area are proud of their heritage and where they are from and it’s a privilege to go this great place to do what I love. In my opinion this is the ideal location to hunt Turkeys, if you want a great experience chasing big Rio Grande turkeys you have to consider the Hill Country!

Gary Pierce Turkey Hunt Prize in Texas

God Bless Texas!