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Texas dove opener

Texas dove opener success!  What a great way to start off my first hunting season in Texas.  My buddy Matt invited me out to his lease to bring in the dove season.  It is about a three hour drive out to west Texas, we got to camp early in the afternoon that Sunday giving us plenty of time to get out and scout some tanks around the ranch Sunday evening.  We did not see a large amount of birds but when its north of 100 degrees you can be sure that the doves are going to find the water so thats where we intended to be!  The birds stayed steady and we had good shoot with some White Wing Doves mixed in with the Mourning Dove.

Here is to a pile of dove!


Sam set on go!  Great tank with wild sunflower surrounding.


Sam with a great retrieve – he was a busy dog on this opener.


Sam making it happen, nothing better than a good bird dog dove hunting.


Matt and Sam coming back from a retrieve.


Matt putting the Gator to the test!  Great machine, I feel a John Deere purchase in my future.


Camp kitchen – this is just awesome love this old iron stove.  I bet this thing could tell some stories over the years.


West Texas home place turned camp house.