Arkansas Greenheads

January in Arkansas means one thing; Greenheads!  This was an awesome year for us as you can tell by some of the pics, we took 5 limits in 5 days.  Had the opportunity to hunt with some of my best friends and hunting partners.   Not too mention they are some of the best duck hunters/callers I have been around.  This year we started our annual trip to the Brinkley, Ar Ducks Unlimited Banquet to raise some money for conservation.  No Ducks Unlimited is complete without its fair share of great food, give aways, and tall tales.



They can’t stand it when this is talking to them!  Love the Echo Duck calls.


Andy representing the ducks at the Ducks Unlimited banquet – kind of like Elvis with the duck cape!


When you travel to a Ducks Unlimited banquet you must go in style!  Had the Mercedes loaded down!


The quintessential hunting selfie pose with our first limit of the week.


This log was helpful this week, blind, bathroom, duck holder…..all in all great times!


Day #2 of limits – it doesn’t get any better!


More than happy to haul these birds out of the swamp!


The Log!  Not much needs to be said but another great limit of Mallards.


Love this pic, with the Remington and a couple of drakes in the timber.  This year was a year we wont soon forget, we hunted hard, had a great time catching up with great friends, God definitely has blessed me with the desire to be in the outdoors and experience this every year with life long friends.  Until next season….stay tuned.