Back on the water!

Any day is good day when you are hunting or fishing versus being in the office, right? Well this day was a tough one – coldest day I have fly fished. Not that I am huge flyfisherman but nonetheless cold! We were fishing with Evan Dowdy from High Country Angler in Eastern Tennessee, one of my favorite places on the planet to fish. The Watauga River to be exact, I must give a quick plug for Evan, I have fished with him many times and have never been out fished by anyone. He is a no frills hard core fisherman and will put you on the fish, you just better be ready to catch em! A lot of em.

Anyways, this day was not like any other with him we got into the fish all day, we caught them on top water flies and nymphs depending on how the hatch was happening. Make sure if you want to do a trip in that part of the country make sure you check him out.

Here I am preparing for the trip – the ever present selfie shot!


I am wondering if Evan was calling for more clothes, it was a cold one that morning in the Tennessee hills!


Rick getting on the board for his first flyfishing trip!  Nice Rainbow Trout!


The scenery here is amazing regardless of time of year….this was mid December and is still pristine.


One of my ‘bows.  Nothing like seeing these feisty fish smash a top water fly.  Doesn’t get much better than this.



Rick and Evan hooking up, well at least one them is, Rick may have been looking for his fly….or something.


Watauga River Rainbow…


Had a great time as usual, get outdoors and enjoy what God has blessed us with and give back when you can!  Tight – lines.