NoDak abbreviated….

Chasing greenheads and hanging with good people! I had the opportunity to catch up with a buddy and hardcore hunter from college on this duck hunt in North Dakota, Brian W. I guess that is one of the benefits of social media, keeps you connected with folks as life tends to take its course. His crew makes the trip every year and were nice enough to invite Andy and I along to experience the first part of the great waterfowl migration south.


I was definitely excited about this hunt, first big hunt of the year, getting to spend some time with Brian and Andy on a new hunt for me was exciting to say the least. This was going to be our warm up for our Arkansas season which of course we have high hopes for. Unfortunately, after a 1200 mile ride not all good plans go as we intend. As the title to the post would insinuate our trip was cut short. Once we arrived in Grand Forks, North Dakota Andy managed to get a very bad scratch on his eye which left us with no choice but to head out and get to a specialist immediately. As usual he put and we got a couple of hunts in.

Great shot cruising through Iowa.  Land of the giants, it was all we could do not to stop and go chase some of the monster whitetails they have there.  IMG_2977

The NoDak trip was definitely a different experience than the green timber we hunt in Arkansas. Typically we are motoring down a river and trying to get to that honey hole deep in the timber, here we just drove up and dropped our gear in the field, felt like we were cheating a bit. Once we were set up we got comfortably situated in a layout blind, not sinking up to your knees in mud, tripping over blown down branches that you can’t see. It was kind of nice actually. Even as both styles of waterfowling are different from hunting timber vs fields you are still left with same feeling of amazement as the birds started to work towards your spread. It’s crazy to see thousands of birds working over a cut bean field to start their day feeding. Quite a sight seeing those mallards work a cut bean field.

Finally made it to Grand Forks, ND to get our licenses and a few supplies….great statues at the Cabelas in Grand Forks.  Oh yea, and of course the standard A Hunter’s Life selfie with Andy.IMG_2981


Andy out on the prairie, the views were amazing and it seemed to go forever up there. IMG_2985

First morning hunting a nice pot hole, had a great first hunt.  Outside of some crazy gun issues, I finally got things going and killed some ducks.  We had a mixed bag that day with greenheads, redheads, widgeon, and spoonies.IMG_2994

Andy smoked this prairie chicken when he got too close to hole!  IMG_3015

First day of limits, not too bad for our first hunt in North Dakota.  Thanks to the game and fish and local farmers for walk in areas where you can hunt.

The stars of the show, these greenheads were huge, definitely eating well on all the great agriculture fields they have access to.

Rocking some greenheads and the Brute gear!

My first field hunt for mallards, nothing like it.  Definitely a different experience from hunting them in the timber in Arkansas.

The aftermath of a scratched cornea, unfortunately we only got in 2 hunts before having to head back.  But its like I told Andy you only get two eyes, we can’t kill ducks every year if you can’t see them!