Social Media Management for Outdoor Businesses

So, this is the fun piece for us! Phase 3 of our marketing and advertising strategy for businesses in the outdoor industry: Social media management. We have built a cool website that tells a great story about you and your brand. Now we have to let people know who you are and give you a platform to communicate with your clients/customers.

Manage your social footprint

This section should really be called conversation management.  Social media management in a nutshell is really just understanding how to communicate with your audience within a certain social media platform.  When we started out in the business this was simply posting a pic from an event and pushing out to your audience.  Today, this is a much more sophisticated process.  Combined with certain tools we are able to achieve specific goals for your business including new sales, web site traffic, and product launches.

Our team is skilled at creating content for your audience but we also are able to do this in a very strategic manner.  We are actively engaged with your community responding to questions, driving conversation and engagement.  Ensuring that your content is placed on the right platform for optimal community engagement.

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